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CWC was founded in 1992. 


Stan Busby (age 48)

Usk,  Washington

Husband, Father of 12, 23years Mountaineering and backcountry ski guide, evangelist, and co-founder and director of the Climbers With Christ Ministry.



Stan is one of four boys, born and raised in a Christian family, that moved to Spokane when he was eight.  He has always loved the out-of-doors; hiking, hunting, fishing, and climbing in most every part of the state. He attended the Mead government schools in North Spokane, where he excelled at wrestling, and perfected the art of walking with “one foot in and one foot outside” the  boundaries. While pursuing bodybuilding, a wrestling scholarship took him to University of Montana in 1987, and then to WSU where he eventually succumbed to the world, and left schooling to enter the workforce. Stan and his wife Kristina were married in March of 1990. A little over a year into their very rocky marriage, believing himself to be a Christian but headed for “a sure and fiery destination”, Stan heard again the simple gospel message one morning in his home, surrendered, and was saved by the grace of God, from a horrible “slime-pit” of a life. Kristina was saved shortly thereafter.


Following an intense time of prayer, and desiring to go to the mission-field, God clearly led them to begin the outdoor ministry of Climbers With Christ (CWC). To use the passion God had instilled in them for the out-of-doors, to share the powerful and life-giving message of new life in Jesus to the climbing community. Stan has been working for the Lord in outdoor mission-fields as an evangelist and mountain guide ever since. 


In 2002, God called them to the Pend Oreille Valley in Northeastern Washington, working with a Climbers With Christ food and clothing outreach to the local communities and (unbeknownst the them at the time), to start a new Christian fellowship in the area, which Stan pastored Valley Christian Fellowship in Metaline for seven years, before stepping down in December of 2010.


God has continued to open doors for Stan and his family to share the gospel of Jesus and the Word of God in many different outdoor pulpits through the ministry of CWC. He has helped lead over 200 outings and ski tours in many of the northwest's remote and mountainous regions, rock-climbing crags, and 100’s of high and low challenge course events as well. CWC facilitates year round outings for those both within the church and without, and teaches biblical based outdoor leadership ministry and mountaineering skills through its 3-5 day Christian Outdoor Leadership (COL) seminars. In 2009 Stan had the blessing of leading a team to the summit of Mount Rainier for the 22nd time, of which his 16 year old son Joshua and his 10 year old daughter Rachelle were part. In July of 2014 his 9 year old son Jacob also accompanied him to the summit on his 30th climb on the mountain, during a  "Womens and Children Climb" CWC leads annually on the mountain. 


He and his family currently live at "BaseCamp", their small family farm and ministry in the Pend Oreille valley just outside of Usk, in the shadow of Winchester Mountain. Most "other" time is spent raising their 11 children still at home, ages 2 months to 18 years. At any given time they may share the property with a couple cats, horses, pigs, goats, chickens, and a dog, Stan and Kristina celebrated with great joy and passion their 25st wedding anniversary in March of 2015.

Over the past 22 years, by God’s Spirit, Stan and his wife Kristina have lived a life of trust and dependence upon Jesus, with his written word as their anchor and hope. God has brought them from careers in the world, to a place of daily intimate trust in him. They have witnessed first hand the Lord’s intimate care and provision for all of their needs (and many desires as well), as their family has grown. They’re a living testimony of God’s faithfulness to his word and to his children, in this day and culture. 


Stan loves to preach the word of God any chance that he gets, and has a huge heart for sharing the simple timeless gospel of Jesus with any who’ll listen. The subjects of, Passionate Biblical Marriage, Trust in God’s Perfect Word, Living An Abundant “Fear-free” Life of Faith, and A Completely New Creature remain amongst those favored most by Stan to preach on. He has come to rest in and rely upon the truth that God loves us, and has indeed written his very words down in a book we can all read, and that by the power of his Spirit, God will lead and guide his children into all truth, just as he said. Jn16:13, 17:17 (KJ)       


Climbers With Christ Outing Funding and Contributions

For nearly 23 years God has blessed us to be able to use our outdoor gifts and talents to preach the gospel and spread the message of hope through our Anchor in Jesus Christ. He has proved faithful in providing everything that our family and this ministry/business has ever needed (and MUCH that is beyond our needs!). We are indebted only to him for this, and the continuing opportunity to offer most (if not all) of Climbers’ ministry free of charge. In 2008 God moved us to get out from under the weight of being a 501c3 organization. We have since continued the Climbers With Christ ministry as a family business, and thereby are able to operate it completely as we believe he has directed in his word. With the help of many of our family and close friends, week in and week out God continues to provide what’s needed for us to “give it all away”. You may not pay us for our service (as it is unto the Lord). There is no single supporter funding or large bank account, God simply makes a way. As he guides he does provide, though often we don’t see it until we step forward in faith. We will continue to follow for he said, without faith it is impossible to please him. 

If he leads you to contribute to Climbers’ work of giving the gospel and his word away “for free” in the outdoor mission-field, we are certainly thankful. Contributions to this outdoor ministry may be sent to Climbers With Christ or Stan and Kristina, and are not tax-deductible. Inquiry's are welcome at any time as to how and where funds and resources sent to the family business/ministry of Climbers With Christ are used.

May God bless you as you too step forward in faith, and “Climb on!”


“He delights not in the strength of the horse: he takes not pleasure in the legs of a man. The LORD takes pleasure in them  that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy" ... and "remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive” Psalms 147:10-11, Acts 20:35



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